Programming in D

ID: 7

News: Atomorun2008 out now

My first D Project is ready for a beta release. So, go and check it out a


ID: 6

News: Another two new Tutorials!

This time, I explain an alternative Standardlibrary. Just as Phobos does, the Tango Library gives you functions for Printing text, Threads, Filehandling etc. I will show you the Installation of Tango.

Secondly i will show you the new DInstaller. With this new Installer you donīt need to install DMD or Tango by yourself. It supports: DMD, Phobos, Tango, DSSS, Rebuild.


ID: 5

News: Two new Tutorials!

Today, i took a look at Code::Blocks. It looks very nice. The two new Tutorials show how to install Code::Blocks, how to compile something and how to use Derelict with it.


ID: 4

News: new Tutorials added

You will find 8 new Movie Tutorials, when you click on "Tutorials". I recorded my Desktop-activity and explain everything i do with a microphone.
the new Topics are:
 *  Introduction
 *  DMD: Install
 *  DMD: Compile
 *  DScite
 *  Derelict: Install
 *  Derelict: Compile
 *  Eclipse/Descent: Install
 *  Eclipse/Descent: Compile
Have fun!


ID: 3

News: new Design of the Website

The Website got a new design today. You can watch it at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 best. The design looks a bit like the old design, at least the colors are the same.
But the new Design includes RSS Feeds to the Website. So, you are informed about News always.
But the best is: The Website will now contain two languages: german and english!


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